Android App Developer Resume

Seattle, WA


SkillLevelYears of Experience
JavaIntermediate1.5 years
Android SDKIntermediate1.5 years
C#Advanced7 years
Objective-CIntermediate1 year
C++Advanced11 years


iSyncr WiFi, July 2010 - Present

  • iSyncr WiFi allows Android users to wirelessly sync their music and playlists from iTunes to their Android device. The app allows you to browse and select playlists, and then view sync progress in real time. iSyncr WiFi also tracks play counts on the device and syncs these back to iTunes. iSyncr WiFi also allows users to sync their Android photos and videos to their computer, as well as Amazon MP3 purchases.
  • I co-wrote the Android app (Java), the Windows server (C#), and the Mac server (Objective-C).
  • I respond to customer emails requesting help / troubleshooting on a daily basis.

Cheetah Sync, July 2011 - Present

  • Cheetah Sync is a wireless, cloudless solution for syncing files and folders between your computer and your Android device on a home WiFi network. Simply select the computer folder, the Android folder, and the sync direction (Android to Computer, Computer to Android, or Two-Way). Supports recursive syncing, delete syncing, conflict files, and a configurable collision policy. Useful for backing up your SD card, transferring music, photos, or videos, or various other uses.
  • I co-wrote the Android app (Java), the Windows server (C#), and the Mac server (Objective-C).
  • I respond to customer emails requesting help / troubleshooting on a daily basis.


Android App Developer Consultant, JRT Studio, July 2010 - Present

  • Co-wrote iSyncr WiFi and Cheetah Sync Android apps (see above)
  • Answer customer support emails on a daily basis.
  • Help promote our apps via our blog, our website, and social media.

Software Development Engineer, Microsoft, August 2008 - September 2010

  • Investigated and resolved over 130 bugs in the Visual Studio Platform feature area, contributing to the overall product quality of Visual Studio 2010; these fixes helped ensure our product was delivered on schedule
  • Developed a high-priority toolbox feature for Visual Studio 2010 requested by an external partner team
  • Wrote a Visual Studio Package used internally that leverages Windows Search to quickly scan for keywords on local source code enlistments
  • Wrote several other Visual Studio Add-Ins and Packages to demonstrate new features in Visual Studio 2010
  • Investigated and fixed failing build verification tests run against Visual Studio to ensure that regressions are identified and fixed quickly
  • Helped Platform team maintain rolling and nightly build stability by monitoring build breaks and ensuring that they are resolved quickly
  • Reviewed other engineers. code in order to enhance code quality of the product
  • Contributed to the overall success of Visual Studio 2010
Staff Software Engineer, National Instruments, March 2004 - June 2008
  • Implemented changes to the DAQmx API as a Tech Lead in both C++ and .NET; reviewed other engineers. code and provided technical oversight
  • Spearheaded an effort to convert our entire Managed C++ API into C++/CLI, allowing us to better support Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET Framework 2.0 and beyond
  • Co-developed a new NI DAQ Windows Application wizard for Measurement Studio which automatically generates a complete Windows Forms application customized to a specific measurement task
  • Maintained a suite of example applications in Windows Forms and C++/MFC which demonstrate a variety of usage scenarios in the DAQmx API
  • Performed free-form testing, unit testing, and validation for bug fixes; maintained a comprehensive test suite for both the C++ and .NET APIs


University of Colorado, Boulder - Fall 2000 to Fall 2003

  • Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science; Minor in Business
  • Cumulative GPA: 3.944

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