Hexar's WinTetris 2.81 for Windows

A bad-ass remake of an old classic

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Download the Source Code (new!)

  • Want to see how WinTetris was made? Download the source code and find out! You need Visual Studio 6 to build it, as well as the DirectX SDK.

Download the Demo DLL Source (new!)

  • If you want to create your own AI for the demo mode in Tetris, download this source code to get started. Improve on my algorithm! (Also requires Visual Studio 6 and possibly the DirectX SDK).

Tetris Solver Document (new!)

  • This Word document explains the layout and the strategy used in the Demo DLL used in the game, which plays against itself.

New Features in 2.81

  • Fixed a multitude of problems with multiplayer gaming, especially with more than two players
  • Other miscellaneous gameplay issues

New Features in 2.8

  • Demo Mode plays against itself

New Features in 2.7

  • B-Type
  • Support for 2-8 player Internet Play
  • Chat window bug fixes

New Features in 2.61

  • InstallShield

New Features in 2.6

  • Internet Play!
New Features in 2.5
  • Explosions

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